Friday, 30 September 2011

Short-toed Eagles Migrating on The Strait

Short-toed Eagles (and other migrants) have literally been stacking up, unable to cross The Strait of Gibraltar due to the force of the continuous easterly winds from the Mediterranean called the Levante or Levanter

Here are some of the photos taken during the last two days.
With the weather set to change there will be an exodus across The Strait of mainly Short-toed and Booted Eagles very soon.

It appears that this bird sustained shotgun damages to its right wing

Over the parched terrain

Perched birds, waiting, hunting and preeening those important flight feathers

Thursday, 29 September 2011

The Delights of Trebujena, Algaida and Bonanza

Some of the rarest birds can be found across on the western side of Cadiz province. These include White-headed Duck, Marbled Teal, Slender-billed Gull, Black Stork & Osprey (autumn to spring), as well as lots more great birds, especially as the migration continues

Marbled Teal

Northern Wheatear juv


Short-toed Eagle. I put up this side view or profile shot of the great bird to show how you can ID it from a great distance. Unlike Common Buzzards, Booted Eagles and Black Kites the Short-toed has a very distinct angled pose when perched on top of an electricity pylon or other post. They do favour electricity pylons though! This 45o perch-angle, you could call it, is what you should be looking for on a day without too much wind. The legs show in the centre, right in the middle of the body length of this bird and not towards the rear or tail in other raptors. The stronger the wind the less likelyhood to find them like this and sometimes they perch in strong winds like Ospreys...

A young Osprey passes by at the Bonanza Salinas (salt-pans)

Sheltering from the wind a Lesser Emperor

Red Kite

Black-winged Kite

Booted Eagle, light form

Booted Eagle dark/intermediate form

Marsh Harrier male

another younger male Marsh

Honey Buzzard

Greater Flamingoes


Ruff (top left) with Redshanks

Curlew Sandpiper juv

Black-winged Stilts

Black Storks and Eurasian Spoonbills

Pied Avocets

Caspian Terns, part of a flock of 22 birds!

Slender-billed Gull

There's one Black-headed Gull in shot (left) for comparison

Look behind the Pied Avocets and notice the rosy glow to the Slender-billed Gulls in their Spring breeding plumage, compared to the first shot taken yesterday

Slender-billed Gulls in breeding plumage in March

Little Grebe

Black-necked Grebes